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Hiking and Trekking on foot with Environmental Guide regularly registered in the Register of Sardinia.

Gorroppu (Urzulei)The experience gained in the field, the innate passion for nature, the mountains, the close connection to his land, pushes her to work primarily with the intention of offering its guests the charm of the unspoiled Our Sardinia full of suggestive corners ravines , beautiful scenery, culture, history, archeology, myths ... the intent is to offer our guests excursions targeted and personalized is a stone's throw from the sea, in the mountains. The travel in the vast silence of nature, observing and listening to the animated presences that populate it, the sunrise, the sunset, nightscapes, the bewitching colors of the flora in different seasons.

With walking tours are offered the chance to spend extraordinary moments immersed in a world untainted "Our Sardinia" can offer us. Colors and scents of various botanical species, the verses, fingerprints, traces of wildlife such as deer, foxes, wild boars, wild sheep, deer, eagles, falcons, partridges, jays, etc ...

They will offer tours of a few hours, half day, full day, or most days; night tours but also ecursioni "elastic" (that is, you can vary the places / routes without forced stages) of varying difficulty and theme, for individuals or groups, offering the possibility of relaxation in a pristine environment at the end of the day we will bridge satisfaction!



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